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Nicole Francis Director has spent the last 2 years working hard on creating the best academy possible.

After 7 years of building Lip Couture as the ultimate one-stop SuperSalon, Clinic & Retreat, and 10 years taking over the Semi-permanent makeup world, she feels it’s now time for herself and team to offer their years of experience and expertise to teach others to reach their goals and achieve their dreams.

Nicole and her team have the drive and love for the sector to ensure that all students, not only receive the most intense training, they will also have a go to point to receive help and mentorship throughout their careers.

Nicole said ” I want to make sure that all students feel they can approach me for help and advice across all aspects of running a beauty business. It’s hard out there, I’ve had to endure many knocks along the way and I’m excited to help newcomers to the industry to succeed”.

Couture Training Academy offers small classes and shorter courses. So is ideal for:

  • Students doing Level 2 & 3 in college but these don’t offer the more modern treatment courses
  • School leavers who want to start out in the industry or know they have one particular area they want to specialise in
  • Mums/dads who want a job that they can work around their children
  • Women/men who are just fed up in their line of work and want a change

Courses will cover everything but the first 10 being launched are:

  • Couture Curlyblow course-mastering the city’s signature hairstyle
  • Couture Makeup Course-to get started in this glamorous and ever-growing rapidly treatment
  • Couture Lash Lift course
  • Couture Spraytan course
  • Microdermabrasion course
  • Couture Brow Shape & Colour course
  • Acrylic tip & dip course
  • Couture Gel Nails
  • Couture Dermaplaning course
  • Semi-Permanent Lash course

With a whole load of courses launching throughout the year including all hair, beauty, advanced beauty, Semi-Permanent makeup & Aesthetics.

Nicole, her tutors and team, are very excited that all the years of hard work and paid off and now it’s time to launch. Nicole found the idea as she had some college students saying their few year courses didn’t discuss modern trends or people who had done courses where they literally read from a manual and there was no aftercare or contact. She knew hers would have to be done properly, so students had a higher percentage of actually carrying on after their course to make a career out of it.

At the beginning of every course Nicole with be giving a short mentoring introduction about the industry, the good, the bad and all in between to add value to her courses. She feels she’s had a great career from building her knowledge of business at Merchant Taylor’s school and carrying on at John Moores University. That coupled with the experience she feels gives her a great position to finally launch her Academy.

Nicole says her academy and courses hope to offer quality, confidence and inspiration to their students and hope Liverpool supports what we do as a company supporting all of you considering entering the world of hair, beauty & aesthetics.

Doing the right thing,
at the right time.









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